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Upholstery Fabric


What kind of fabric is good for curtains 1. So how should we choose the fabric of curtains when we buy it? We can combine different time and seasons, specific furniture decoration, different room locations, etc. according to local conditions. For example, jacquard cloth is suitable for classical solid wood style matching; printed curtains are suitable for matching with panel furniture; for modern types of furniture decoration, there are many choices.
  2. Different places have different requirements for curtain fabrics. For example, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens naturally have different requirements for fabrics according to their respective environments. Bedrooms require warmth and safety, and you can choose curtains made of jacquard fabrics with better shading effects; while bathrooms and kitchens require fabrics that are not afraid of getting dirty and easy to wash. So you can choose dyed fabrics. In the living room, you can choose according to your preference or decoration style. If it is a more elegant style, you can choose dyed cloth. If you like texture, you can choose yarn-dyed cloth. If you like various colors, you can choose printed cloth, etc.
  3. Different time and seasons also have an impact. In summer, it is suitable to be light and thin, and you can choose yarn-dyed cloth; in winter, you need to be thick and dense, and you can choose jacquard cloth. Which fabric to choose needs to be considered in combination with the above factors, I hope it can help.
  4. There are many types of curtain fabrics, and each fabric has its own advantages and characteristics. As for the curtains of which fabric to choose, as mentioned above, we need to adapt to the time and local conditions. Jacquard cloth can be used in the bedroom, dyed cloth in the bathroom and kitchen, dyed cloth or yarn-dyed cloth in the living room, etc.;
  The above introduces the question of what color curtains to match with brown sofas. Brown sofas generally have more simple European styles, so when choosing the color of curtains, you can choose plain colors for matching. Clean white curtains give people a very refined feeling, so Need to choose according to specific preferences. What kind of fabric should be used for curtains? There are many different kinds of fabrics to choose from. You can learn more about the above fabrics.