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Knot yarn, bamboo yarn & covering yarn etc.

Knot yarn, bamboo yarn & covering yarn etc.


Knot yarn has different specification and series, usually its composition is polyester/acrylic/nylon and can be customized according to customer demand.
Generally divided into three type: dyed knot yarn / colored knot yarn / gold knot yarn
Features: It has greater extensibility, corrosion resistance, good coloring, clear and fine lines, perfect match between straightness and drape, cool, breathable, and very stable performance.
Needle type and weaving method: 1 yarn knitting with 5 needles or 1 yarn plus 1 ultra-fine nylon silk with 7 needles; or 12-needle hollow weaving or single weaving, suitable for spring and summer clothing.
Product Usage: suitable for clothes, hats, scarves, socks, gloves, etc.; used in various woolen products, knitted products, clothing.

Packaging & Delivery
1. Yarn packed in poly-bag,each bag gross weight:25kgs.
2. Carton packed gross weight:20-27KG,net weight18-25KG
Customized packing is negotiable.